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Valorant: 5 Top Advice for New Players

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One of the biggest first-person shooter or FPS titles we have today is Valorant. With millions of daily active users, it has become widely successful and its player base continues to grow significantly bigger every day. It is only natural that new players would end up getting overwhelmed by this game if they haven’t tried any online PVP shooting games before.

This is where this article can help those players with no background or whatsoever, or even those who have experienced similar games like CS:GO or Overwatch. Here are 5 top tips that you can use to improve your skills in playing this popular game that has also been hitting the casino Singapore Esports scene big time.

Communication is the key

Being an online multiplayer game, you can expect that you have the ability to communicate with your teammates through chat and even voice chat. While the regular chat is fine, you may want to give voice chat a try as you can seamlessly communicate with your team without having to pause for a bit just to type in what you are about to say.


For games like Valorant that require a team effort, communication is definitely the key. Whether you are playing with your friends or random people online, you need to coordinate with your teammates as much as possible. 12Play games could use these communication features, too.

Game functions such as quick commands and map markers can be a great help for your team, too.

Do practice whenever you can

Similar to how people in the real world do warm-ups, the same thing can be done when playing video games. You can definitely get good at any game you want as long as you have the right determination. Practicing whenever you can always give you an advantage.

People who skip practice will be less successful simply because they lack certain experiences that only players get through hours of a long play. Doing practice also eliminates bad habits, especially if you know which specific traits of yours that need rework.

The game has a practice mode where you can test different characters known as agents. You can play alone in an isolated practice shooting range to test different guns and abilities that each agent has. Only if Singapore Pool 4D can also allow for such space to practice.

Get familiar with all the guns and their recoil

As a first-person shooter game, you can expect a bunch of gun variety in this game. There are six different weapon classifications in Valorant: sidearms, SMGs, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and snipers. It is important for you to understand how each gun works, how frequent they reload, and of course, the recoil they have.

Some guns have a higher rate of fire but will certainly have higher recoil. Some would even have a slower fire rate but can deal high damage. The best way to get a feel of each gun is going for practice.

Adjust your settings

For new players of the game that have played other shooting games, you would know the importance of having to find the sweet spot for your gaming experience. This includes audio and visual settings. Some people prefer playing in the lowest graphical settings because they want to have a smoother performance.

But the main thing you’d most likely want to customize is your mouse settings. It is very critical for any shooter game to have the right mouse sensitivity. While you’re at it, you may also want to customize your crosshairs such as the size, scope, and even color of it.

Choose an agent and use them effectively

Unlike CS:GO, the characters you pick on this game (agents) have different skills and abilities they could use in the game. Some agents create barriers, some throw blinds, while others can create spaces with smokes and AOE damage.

Each agent has certain roles and a good composition of roles can effectively help your team have an advantage against the opposing team. Get familiar with each role and try to learn the basics of each agent so you’d know how to use it and counter it.