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Top 5 Players of FIFA Women’s World Cup

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The FIFA World Cup has produced many successful players in the succeeding years. Some of them even have established a thriving career outside football. 

Surely, it’s easy to identify the star players but we know that it’s not only about skills in the field but we must take into account other factors as well.

We carefully handpicked the top 5 best players of the FIFA Women’s World Cup for your next wagering session. We at 12play provide you a quick preview of the talents that might give you winning opportunities for your online sports betting.

If your favorite was not included in this list, fret not because we suggest that you place your bet on a winning player rather than your preference so that you will not suffer losses. Here are the top 5 players of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Tobin Heath

Tobin Heath is one of the United States’s golden players these past few years. She managed to win at NCAA, World Cup, and Olympics titles with a breeze. Since NWSL 2018, she has a record of 8 goals and 7 assists. 

These past two years, she developed a killer technique that she can maneuver on the field to her advantage. If you watch bbc football, make sure to consider this player because she has been the best attacker on the soccer field for America.

Her skills on the field earned her several titles and she is the best on the US roster ever since she joined the team. She is best known for her creative techniques on maneuvering her way on the field.

Dzsenifer Marozsan

Marozsan is a German midfielder that was previously voted German Footballer of the Year two times. She led the German team in the 2018 FIFA Women’s World Cup and was hailed as a finalist for Best FIFA Women’s Player.

In 2016, in the Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil she made a significant recognition for a defining moment of scoring the final. She was also a pioneer for making Germany win their first Olympic gold for women’s football. 

Saki Kumagai

Saki Kumagai is the helm of Japan’s team, she has won Player of the match in the 2016 Champions League. Her skills put her in the middle of defense and midfield making her a formidable opponent in the field. She is also hailed as one of the smoothest defenders in the FIFA World Cup tournament. 

Her skillset in the football game is an asset to the Japanese national team who has risen fairly rising in the succeeding years. We at 12 play Singapore, recommend her to be included in your bets because she is one of the power players in the field.


Marta hailed from the South American country of Brazil and she has won 111 goals for the Brazillian team. She was probably one of the best female soccer players of all time and she still is. The 33-year-old forwarder may have passed her prime but she is still a formidable opponent in the field.

She is an intelligent and tactical player when on the field and her moves sometimes stole the show overshadowing her teammates. We recommend at 12 play to include her on your list to put your wager on because she is a soccer icon and her plays are always a must-see. 

Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr is Australia’s football superstar and her game is always a national buzz. She appears as confident as she looks but humble enough to let others shine on the field. She has won back-to-back in National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and hailed her all-time leading scorer with 61 goals.

Her playing profile is always a good ranking because she has many tricks under her sleeve to blow away the game to her and her team’s advantage. She was Australia’s football icon and is probably the best goal scorer in the history of women’s soccer. 

12 play Singapore is recommending these players to be included in your list for possible winning bets. We also offer a variety of great and exciting deals for your online betting Singapore experience.