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Suarez Will Miss Uruguay Qualifiers Due to Injury

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Luis Suarez of the BBC football club Atletico Madrid will not be joining the Uruguayan national team in the qualifiers round for the FIFA World Cup next month due to a knee injury according to an announcement of the club on August 27.

Knee Injury

The forward scored a 2-2 draw in the match against Villareal on Sunday and that’s where he got his knee injury. As a result, he will not be joining his national team in the upcoming matches against Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

“In the MRI scan undertaken by the player, moderate edema was detected on the posterior part of his left knee. The club’s medical services have informed the Uruguayan Federation and the player has been ruled out of joining up for the 2022 World Cup qualifying matches,” said Atletico on Monday.


His club Atletico Madrid refused to comment on the duration of the sidelining of Suarez but his injuries caused him to be ruled out for the rest of the games.

“Atletico Madrid’s medical team examined Luis Suarez at Navarra University Clinic in Madrid after he came out of the game against Villarreal with pain,” stated the Spanish club in a press conference.

Career Highlights

Suarez who was nicknamed El Pistolero which means “The Gunman” has scored more than 500 goals in his football career for his club and the national side. He is deemed as one of the best strikers of all time. 

He has been awarded nineteen trophies in his careers like the 2011 Copa America award and the Premier League Golden Boot. He also played for the British Premier League club, Liverpool from 2011 to 2014.

In his football career, he was notorious due to his biting incidents that occurred three times on different occasions.

Biting Incidents

His first biting incident occurred on November 20, 2010, when he bit Otman Bakkal on his shoulder in a 0-0 draw match. As a result, he was suspended for two games and the club also fined him for an unknown amount in which the club said that they would donate the amount for charity.

The biting incident caused Suarez to be branded as the “Cannibal of Ajax” by the Dutch media. The club also extended his suspension for seven matches. The notorious striker then apologized on Facebook for his actions via an uploaded video.

His second biting incident occurred on April 21, 2013, in which he bit Branislav Ivanovic. The incident was first unnoticed but then the officials called on the club to reprimand Suarez for his actions. He was charged for his violent conduct and fined and he accepted the punishment for his behavior. 

His third biting incident was at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in which he bit Giorgio Chiellini of the Italian side. As a result, he was suspended and banned from all activities related to football. This is the third time Suarez bitten an opponent and got suspended for his actions.

Despite his past behaviors and reputation for biting his opponents, he remained successful in his domestic and international football career and was considered one of the greatest strikers of all time. 

Withdrawal From Qualifiers

Suarez is not the only one who was withdrawn from the official player list, he was joined by Manchester United’s Edinson Cavani where his call-up was canceled by the Uruguayan Football Association.

The request of FIFA head Gianni Infantino to allow a quarantine immunity for the athletes coming back from the nations on the red list for the Covid-19 pandemic was declined by the British government, as a result, there will be compromised contracts and pull-outs among the clubs and national associations.

As of today, the duration of his withdrawal was not confirmed but his fans are hoping that he will recover soon. Bet on your favorite clubs in 12Play for exciting deals and bonuses.