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Rugby League World Cup Preview and Predictions 2021

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The 2021 Rugby League is one of the much anticipated sporting events this year, and it will commence on October 23 this year. It will be hosted by England and the tournament consists of 16 teams, an increase in two from the previous iterations of the competition.

This is the sixteenth iteration of the Rugby League World Cup since its debut in !954 in France. It came from a long way of inconsistent length of the competitions with intervals ranging from to to eight years until in 2013 where it became more stable with the organizers pledge to commit in a four year gap between the tournaments.

This year’s tournament will debut two new teams: Jamaica from the Americas and Greece from Europe. Here are the predictions of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, betting odds for sports betting online.


Australia will remain the favourites in the competition

Australia has been the most favourite team to win the Rugby League World Cup in England  according to many bookmakers. 

The national team has won 11-times since it transitioned to its recent format with only one loss since its debut. That event was in 2008 when they had to come into terms of being second runner up. 

The remaining defending champions conquered England in the 2017 Finals in what was a minor-scoring game. They ultimately emerged in Brisbane for a 6-0 score in front of their followers.

It is not shocking that the Kangaroos will again dominate the competition in England for an Ashes series which is good preparation for the World Cup.

England will succeed in the home side

The current host nation this year will have more advantage since they became the second runner up in the 2017 competition. However, despite being on the home side, they only have 11/1 odds to win because of the reason that the Great Britain team was divided into two teams; England and Wales. 

The Rugby League can have a take away from the England rugby union team at the world cup last year. Even though the Rugby Union Team lost to South Africa in the finals, the tournament is still great for the team. They have a positive reaction to that loss and the team has a 7/4 odds in the SIx Nations betting in 2020.

England has to step up on the plate if they want to have a victory against the Australia national team. They will be underdogs in betting on 12play if they are defeated in 80 minutes. 

New Zealand is the second favourites

New Zealand is another threat to the Kangaroos if they want to defend their Champions title. According to the betting odds, they have 6/1 odds as favourites to win the competition. 

The Kiwis have defeated their opponent in 2008 with 34-20 during the finals at Lang Park in Brisbane. However, they lost five years later in the same situation with England for 34-2. 

New Zealand is in a tight competition against Australia in a Trans-Tasman Test in 2018 at Auckland. The game was direct and quick and the Kiwis won with 26-24, so they have a current win against the all-time favourites in the World Cup, which is the Kangaroos.

Those who are keen to bet for Australia in 12 play Singapore should also look out for New Zealand as the team has the best TRL world rankings in number 1. The New Zealand team also consisted of IRL talents that are professional, driven and not afraid to showcase their skills in the international competition. 

The 2021 Rugby League World Cup will commence on October 23 in the host country England. The opening ceremony will be held in the St. James Park in Newcastle. That was our latest preview and predictions for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.