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Ronaldo Place for Hero’s Welcome at Old Trafford


Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo returned to his former club Manchester United on Saturday. He received a hero’s welcome on Old Stafford in a match between Manchester United and Newcastle to mark his return to the Premier League. 

Return to Old Trafford

Ronaldo, who is also the recipient of Ballon d’Or five times, left United to be a part of the Spanish club Real Madrid back in 2009. He left his recent club Juventus to return to his Old Trafford roots just before the transfer hit the headlines and sportsbooks like 12Play.

Norwegian manager of The Red Devils, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stated that the Portuguese forward would debut in the match. 


Ever since he joined United, he has broken many global goal-scoring records including his 110th goal for his national side Portugal against the Republic of Ireland in a World Cup qualifier match.


Recently, Ronaldo was suspended for a game against Azerbaijan when he removed his shirt in a win to celebrate. Then, he flew back to England to train with his new teammates in Old Trafford. It is not confirmed yet if he will start the match or serve as a substitute and remain on the bench. 

Solskjaer said, “He’s been having a good pre-season with Juventus, he’s played for the national team, he’s had a good week with us here. He will definitely be on the pitch at some point, that’s for sure.”

During his career in United, he has won three Premier League titles and been the recipient of six trophies in the Champions League, before his eventual transfer to Real Madrid and Juventus.

Reasons for his Return

It was rumored that Manchester City is signing Ronaldo to bring him on the east side of Manchester but the coach of The Sky Blues confirmed that they will not be signing the Portuguese striker and he is happy with his current lineup. 

This will leave an open opportunity for Man United to welcome back Ronaldo to his former club in west Manchester, and that’s exactly what they did. Ronaldo said that his friendship with his former manager in United Alex Ferguson is a big influence for his monumental return to Old Trafford stating that the decision is “a dream come true”. 

Solskjaer, who also played with Ronaldo during his first outings in the club back in the early 2000s, said, “Of course we’ve followed his career from afar since he left here and I think everyone’s very happy to have him back. He can speak for himself but he seems like he’s happy to be back as well. The mood’s been very good, he’s worked well and we’re looking forward to Saturday, of course.”

Prior to Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford, Solskjaer already had a strong squad with the likes of English winger Jadon Sancho and French defender Raphael Varane.

Manchester United will be expected to reclaim the title from champions Manchester City after the fruitful transfer duration.

Strong Squad

Solskjaer strongly believed that Ronaldo will have a strong input to the team both physically and mentally. He will also provide a high-quality play to the team and will serve as a reservoir of wisdom, experience, and inspiration to his teammates.

The Norwegian manager said, “We have grown as a group the last few years. The determination, the desire, the focus has improved over time and bit by bit.”

“Even like bringing Raphael in, he’s come in with a winners mentality, an unbelievable focus. Then of course Cristiano comes in as well and there’s no place to hide when you’ve got winners like them. You can’t go into training and give 95 percent or not be focused.”

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United is a monumental event in BBC football history. He is a living testimony that sometimes, it is better to go back to your roots to find what you love.