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Quartararo Celebrates His First MotoGP Title

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Fabio Quartararo celebrated when he won his first MotoGP title after he defeated his rival Francesco Bagnaia when the latter fell at the latest Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Sunday.

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The Coveted Race

Bagnaia, who has won three GPs who were supposed to win this race, was behind Quartararo by fifty-two points. He was confident at first leading the race when he suddenly crashed with just four laps remaining and landed his rival his first ever MotoGP championship title for his country.

The 22-year old Yamaha rider now has a 65 points lead over Bagnaia which means his Ducati rival can no longer touch him and the win will ensure his team their first rider’s title since 2015.


A Touching Victory

An emotional Quartararo said to Sky Sports Italia, “I still can’t believe it. It feels good to also have my family with me, we will enjoy a lot tonight and until the end of the season.”

“It’s not the way I would have liked to win this championship but it’s not the only race we’ve won. It’s been incredible and I think I performed so well this year thanks to Pecco (Bagnaia) who has really pushed me hard… I’m really happy,” he added.

The French champion broke down in tears as his family hugged him and sung praises during the interview delivered in Italian. He is also trying to hide his face with his hand as he is controlling his tears from falling as he doesn’t want to cry on live television.

The victory of Quartararo comes in his third spell in MotoGP, after two years with the SRT satellite outfit, it was his first Yamaha’s factory squad. 

In this season, he has competed and out of 16 MotoGPs he has acquired 10 podiums including five wins.

The Support of Marquez

On Sunday, Quartararo rushed from 15th on the starting point and then finished fourth after race champion Marc Marquez who had been trying to defeat Bagnaia during the entire race.

Pol Espargaro, who is Marquez’s Honda squadmate, fell in second place while Italian rider Enca Bastianini from Ducati fell in third position. 

Marquez said, “By the time that he (Bagnaia) fell, I had already given up, I was thinking I’ll be finishing second, but luck was on our side.”

“Today is not my day but Fabio’s. I want to congratulate him. He deserves it as he has done an incredible job this season,” Marquez added.

Bagnaia’s Fall

It was a harder situation for Italian rider Bagnaia when just three laps into the race his squadmate Jack Miller who had a good start from second on the starting point then skidded outside the race.

The Australian rider was only deflecting the attacks to Bagnaia from six-time MotoGP winner Marquez, who also have won the Grand Prix of the Americas in the final round.

However, Bagnaia who started the race in a good position when he had this one chance to win and expand his MotoGP title. The Italian flew off the track and let Marquez win the second place of this season and handed the title to Quartararo.

Rossi’s Final Race

The last race was also the final MotoGP race in Italy of Valentino Rossi before his retirement at the end of the season, and he is situated in the 10th place for his final race at his home track in Misano.

“Thanks for all the support over all these years. It’s been a long run and it’s been great,” Rossi stated to the crowd while waving. The fans of the Italian legend also displayed a banner which read “It’s been wonderful”. 

He also joked that his race was good after a disappointing final season. He also encouraged his fans to support the younger generation of Italian riders of MotoGP.
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