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Online Lottery Predictions and Strategies

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Lottery is one of the classic and popular forms of gambling that ever existed. It has a long history that even dates back in the ancient times. Our ancestors have invented many forms of entertainment and the lottery online betting Singapore is one of them.

Lottery comes from the Dutch word ‘lot’ which actually means ‘fate’ or ‘fortune.’ The English phrase comes from the same word and it means to make a choice based on random chance. Lottery has come a long way from the ancient world to the modern world with so many iterations before it became what we have known in the present.

As we all know already, the lottery is based on luck and any effort doesn’t influence the outcome of a lottery draw, however there are many ways that can help you to have a better chance to win. Here are some of these strategies that one can apply to help you boost your winning chances.


Buy more tickets

This is an obvious tip, the more tickets you buy the more chances you can win the jackpot prize. The only negative side of this is that you need to spend more money to buy more tickets to win a prize. The worth of your winnings will not compensate for the amount you spent buying the tickets.

This is the truth about the lottery, buying more tickets narrows down the hurdles placed between you and the prize and increases the probability of you winning it. Buying only a single ticket will go no further, you really have to buy more tickets. 

Make a lottery syndicate

This one technique is very simple and one of the most effective. A lottery syndicate is formed by players buying multiple tickets with the goal of finding a winning number. If one of the tickets bought was the winning number, the prize will be divided among the group.

The downside to this technique is that you might have to share the prize money with a lot of people. However, winning $300 million dollars in 4d results and divided into 10 people is not that so bad, doesn’t it?

Avoid choosing consecutive digits

Choosing from consecutive numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on will not give you a chance to win the jackpot prize. Remember that drawing winning numbers are random, so chances of winning by choosing this sequence is slim.

Look for more unpopular games

Most of the people tend to go for a major state lottery to try their luck. Although the prize is relatively high, your chances of winning is one in a million. Instead, look for lottery games that are being played by less people. The less competitors, the more chances of winning.

Also, pick a lottery game that is being played in the wee hours at night. These games also can give you a higher rate of winning. 

Don’t use a number based on a birthday

This is what people usually do when they are choosing a number for a lottery. Choosing a number based on a birthday will only give you numbers from 1 to 31 as it is related to calendar date numbers. If you choose from these numbers, your chances of winning will be reduced. 

Play the appropriate games

There are literally many lottery games out there, all you have to do is pick the right one for you based on your budget and preference. 

If you choose the state lottery, the jackpot prize may be higher but the chances of winning are very slim. If you choose to play at a local lottery, your chances at winning will be much greater than the state lottery because you have less competition.By following these precepts, you will have more chances at winning the lucky draw in 12play. As you go along, you will learn more based on experience what you need to do when you buy your ticket.