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Learn To Play Poker: A Beginner’s Guide


Poker is the most popular table card game on the planet and it has been depicted in different media from films to television series. It has been regarded as one of the online games in the casino that has a complex system of rules and gameplay that oftentimes require a specific skill set.

However, even though many casino gamers deemed poker as a difficult game to play, many players seemed to dismiss this idea because of its many benefits including being one of the games in the casino like blackjack that has a lucrative payout.

Many iterations of poker have emerged throughout the years like Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud Poker. However, we will discuss the most common one which is the Texas Hold’em and it has pretty simple game mechanics.


Rankings of Poker Hands

Before we start the guide, you should know first the importance of the poker hands ranking. This will determine the level of winnings based on the combination of cards in a hand.

There are ten standard poker hands combinations and it is ranked from lowest to highest. The lowest ranked hand is called High Card, it is only used if there are no players on the poker table that have any other combinations. 

The highest ranking hand on the poker game is the Royal Flush and it is made up of cards with the succeeding value from 10 to A of the same suit. The possibility of getting a true Royal Flush is one in a million.

How to Play Poker?

In Texas Hold’em, all the players are dealt with two face down cards. These cards are also known as hole cards, they should only be seen by you and the values must be kept as a secret from other players. 

Once the hole cards are dealt, the two players clockwise from the dealer have to place their initial bets called ante with the amount of the second one double than the first bet. On each round, players have to match the initial bets in order to proceed, it is also called a Call. 

There are also options to Fold or Raise, Folding means skipping the round but letting go two cards and Raising means matching the current bet but higher in amount.

The Flop

After the first round, the dealer will put three cards on the table that are face up and visible to all of the players called community cards. These cards are available to all the players to include them in their current hand.

Betting will proceed in this round in which players have to match the amount of the highest bet. This time players have the option to Check, which means neither to wager or fold.

The Turn

At this point, the dealer has to remove the top card on the deck and set them aside, this process is called “burning”. This new card will now be the fourth community card on the table.

Again, betting will proceed and players have the option to bet, fold, raise or call. 

The River

The final round begins when the dealer burns or draws another top card on the deck and sets it aside. This card will now be the fifth and the last community card on the table. 

Again, another round of betting will commence before all the players have to reveal all of the cards they possess to compare the hands of combinations.

The player who possesses the five card hand with the highest ranking combination wins the game and will collect the chips that were wagered on the table or pot.

The cycle will repeat in the next round of the game. 

Final Words

Poker is one of the complex but highly lucrative games in the 12Play casino. Now that you know the basics of playing Texas Hold’em you are now ready for real money betting.