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How To Win 4D in Singapore?


The 4D lottery is one of the betting games that are deemed legal in Singapore. As you know, the government prohibits any type of gambling except horserace betting, and of course, lottery.

This type of lottery is extremely popular in Singapore, and many punters of all walks of life are waiting to see the results of each draw which are being done twice a week. The 4D results for the 4D lottery draw are listed in gambling sites affiliated with the game where you can buy tickets in advance.

How to predict 4D lottery Singapore combinations?

Most of the strategies formulated for the 4D lottery aim to predict the winning number combination. Some punters rely on the internet to scour the web for numerical combinations that have not yet been drawn in recent lotteries.

When a number is collected, they analyze the statistical significance of these numbers to determine the number of the upcoming draw.


A veteran player notices some numbers that appear quite often in winning combinations and lists them down. In that way, players can use them in the next draw. These 4d results can be seen on the 12Play website and can be used as references. 

What are the methods you can use to win at the 4D lottery?

Aside from the aforementioned technique, there are other ways that you can use in order to win at the 4D lottery.

Use mathematics to predict the result

One of the wonders of mathematics is that it can produce patterns in processes that rely on randomness. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that studies these patterns in random combinations.

There is softwares that you can download that predicts the next winning combinations by analyzing previous winning results. You can download these softwares and use them in choosing your lottery numbers. 

Once the patterns are set, you can now easily determine the next winning combination.

Trust your gut while playing

This might sound a little crazy but trusting your intuition is actually an effective way to select favorable digits.

There may be a lack of scientific proof to this method but trusting your intuition can actually lead you to favorable results. In playing 4D, you can use the previous results as a reference or completely trust your inner senses to select the numbers that you think will help you win. 

Take a look at the digits that have winning capability and add them to the numbers that you want to bet on.

Analyze the results with your friends

The 4D lottery does not guarantee that you will win with ease and get rich instantly. Sometimes you just have to play along until you get the right combo. Playing the lottery is sometimes an entertaining activity, and you can rest after a long day at work and bet online.

Playing alone is good but analyzing results is so much better if you have company. It feels good when you share common interests with your family members or friends. 

By bringing other people in your quest in finding the winning combination, the daunting task is shared among groups and more minds wil come to play that will help to effectively arrive at a much more sound result. 


Lottery is a betting game that relies on luck and rarely on strategies. However, some methods can be used in order to get better results.Following certain methods can help you to increase your chances of winning the 4D lottery. You can choose which one of the options mentioned above will fit your preference. Aside from these methods, you also need to have a lot of patience and discipline in order to succeed in betting.