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How To Play Online Slot Games in Singapore?


The gambling industry in Singapore is quite regulated by the government to make sure that every citizen will follow the law. However, despite all of these restrictions, the online gambling industry in the city-state is thriving.

Due to the vagueness of gambling laws in Singapore which did not elaborate fully on the consequences of betting online, many citizens resort to offshore online casino Singapore. Among the games in offshore casinos, the most overrated is the lucrative game of slots.

In this article, we are discussing the basics of playing slots online and some tips when betting in one.

How do slot games work?

Slot games were originally played in a machine in land-based casinos. The device contains reels with symbols on it that represent a certain value or point that when the button is pushed it will spin. 

The spinning dynamics of the reels causes the random combination of symbols when the reels stop spinning. If the combination of symbols that landed were the winning symbols, the punter will receive coins that will come out in the tray and can be exchanged for real money.


What are the different types of slot games?

Nowadays, most of the slot games use digital elements whether it was on land-based or online. 

There are many types of slot games, a few of them emerged from the classic slots that use mechanical technology rather than electronic. 

Video slots are now very common in casinos, the popularity of these slots now included elements from movie franchises or series. 

Progressive slots are designed to have a jackpot prize that increases every time someone plays, the jackpot pool reverts back to its original amount when the winning combinations were hit. 

Other slots like 3D and VR use VR technology to be played so that players can have an immersive gaming experience. 

How to play it online?

It’s easy to play slot games online nowadays, to get started only requires a few clicks. 

First of all, you need to find a reliable online casino and read carefully the requirements before creating an account. Next, sign up for an account, fill up the necessary details and verify your account. 

Some betting sites require you to make an initial deposit to your funds in order for you to play, when you’re done, you can now select the game that you like to play on the game catalog. 

How to win in slot games?

Slot games is one of the games in the casino that relies on chance rather than the player’s skill to make tactical decisions. 

Slots, along with roulette and craps, use objects or mechanisms that produce random combinations of numbers and symbols that in turn represent a winning value. In chance games, players don’t have control over the outcome of the game.

Even though slots don’t have  a system of strategies that helps players to win in the game just like in poker or blackjack, there are still methods that you can follow to optimize your game.

First, you need to understand the nature of return-to-player percentage among games. RTP is  a big indicator of whether the game pays out often or not, so choose your game wisely.

Next, you need to set up a betting budget. In that way, you will not regret the money that you have wagered when you realize that you are losing.

Lastly, remove your ‘I gotta win this at all cost’ mindset, instead, focus on enjoying the game, you don’t have control over the result, remember?

Final words

Slots is one of the popular games right now in Singapore. This is evident in the surge of punters that are signing up to online casinos like 12Play to play slots in recent times.