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How Does Cloud Gaming Work? – Way of the Future

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Technology is constantly evolving and the video game industry is one of the industries that are benefiting from it. We are arriving at a new era of online games where there is no more need for discs, downloading, and consoles to enjoy our favorite game titles. We can now stream our games the way we stream our favorite tv shows or movies like on Netflix. 

This technology is called cloud gaming and it is slowly getting popular and many game developers are starting to adopt this technology into their products. Although the concept is not exactly fresh, it will definitely dominate the future of gaming.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming simply is a piece of technology that allows the players to stream and enjoy their favorite games from the cloud instead of downloading them on a device or other piece of hardware. 


Nowadays, most game titles are still being played on physical devices or gaming consoles such as mobile phones, computers, or Xbox. While playing the game on the device, the quality of the game adapts to the quality of the device, hence it is more limited. 

In cloud gaming, the players can play their games in real-time directly in the cloud. It eliminates the need for a third-party platform thus allowing the users to play a high-resolution game without low latency.

What are the benefits of cloud gaming for the gaming industry?

Cloud gaming is being groomed as the next step of the gaming ecosystem in the future. Here are some of the advantages of cloud gaming:

Secure Gaming

In cloud gaming, the user’s data is stored in remote highly secured servers. Game data is also stored on the cloud, this eliminates the possibility of third-party users or hackers getting access to both the user’s data and game data.


The incompatibility of traditional games only available to specific devices is reduced by cloud gaming technology. The highly scalable and high-resolution games can now be played even on the devices with the lowest quality.

Low-Cost Enjoyment

Cloud gaming reduced the need for upgrading the devices in order to play the latest and most optimum games. This eliminates the cost of playing your favorite game whereas you can use the money to spend on other important things instead.

Another thing is that users don’t have to pay for individual game titles. Most cloud gaming platforms operate in a subscription-based service where one can pay only once a month and enjoy many game titles on your arsenal in high quality.

Eliminates Piracy

With high-security servers running the services to accommodate these platforms, piracy is eliminated and developers can have the confidence to release their games without being altered by third-party users.

No Hardware Limitations

As mentioned earlier, cloud gaming eliminates the need for a specific device for you to play your games. Most cloud gaming services can operate in all operating systems like Linux, Android, and iOS and devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

Wide Array of Titles

With its subscription-based platform, cloud gaming technologies can provide hundreds of game titles that users can choose from with high-quality video and sound. Players can also choose from a variety of titles and developers can also directly publish games where users can play on-demand just like Netflix and 12Play.

How cloud gaming affects the future?

With the popularity of Netflix and Spotify, the technology of cloud services is taking over the whole entertainment ecosystem. Now that this technology is also applicable in the industry of video gaming, users can now peruse and digest digital content in different formats like video, audio, e-books, and games. 

The future is definitely bright with the addition of cloud gaming technology. We are now crossing the threshold where the unboundedness of cloud technology supersedes the limitedness of hardware.