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COVID Era: Gaming Industry Taking Over the Internet


The effects of the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic have ripple effects across industries. While most of the industries are affected severely by the government-mandated lockdowns and restrictions, there are a few industries that somehow benefited from the pandemic restrictions.

One of these industries is the online games industry that is somehow unaffected but rather more thriving in this virus-stricken world. Markets that do not rely on face-to-face interactions like remote consultation, logistics, internet service, business process outsourcing, and streaming services are a few of the industries that are thriving and even more evolving in this pandemic era.

This is an indicator that the pandemic after all has an advantage when it comes to the automation of services, however, we should all take into account that the pandemic is still a plague that ravaged humanity and caused millions of livelihoods to perish.


Today, we are talking about why the gaming industry is dominating the market in these restrictive times and why it will continue to thrive in the next few years.

Effects of Isolation

The sudden closure of borders and the restriction imposed to relieve the fast surging of the virus has led to the unexpected consequences of isolation. 

Humans in nature are social creatures and like to be around people and be able to touch someone to be felt or understood. However, the pandemic has robbed us away from one of the basic human needs which is belongingness. 

This is the reason why many people tried not to succumb to the uncertainty and mundaneness of living in isolation by finding ways to be entertained. Fortunately, we never run out of ways to entertain ourselves, from more traditional things such as reading books or making a meal to much more digital such as binge-watching movies or TV series.

This is why gaming is a perfect way to relieve the feelings of isolation and get lost in the world of video games. 

A Sudden Boom

Like content streaming, there has been a massive boom in the entertainment industry since the pandemic began. People are gorging on more digital content than it was before the pandemic began.

The sudden surge of the need for gaming has led to further research on how to improve the elements of gaming platforms and to make them much more accessible to the public. It was forecasted that by the year 2023 hits, the total global revenue of the gaming industry will hit a whopping $77.5 billion.

The engagement in video games and esports has increased in the past few years and it can be attributed to the sudden interest of people in fast-paced activities.

Emerging Technologies

The pandemic also has led to the emergence of new technologies that have many advantages not just in gaming but also to the rest of the markets.

Blockchain Technology

The increase in the awareness of Bitcoin has led to a sudden interest in this new technology. Many industries have already taken advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology like added security and speedy services. Many gambling platforms such as 12Play have already incorporated this technology in their payment options.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud-based gaming is also one of the emerging technologies this year. This tech reduces the need to rely on hardware and consoles to provide a smooth gaming experience. The platform operates online and can deliver high-quality audio and video game streaming.

The Future of Gaming

It is clear that the future of gaming is bright with these new technologies. Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT will definitely change the gaming experience in the future.


We, therefore, conclude that despite the negative effects of the pandemic to the hospitality and personal care industry, it served as a catalyst to force businesses to adopt the automated and contactless system of services. This will lead to a much faster and high-quality service that is needed in the next few years.