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Blackjack Amazing Facts and Hacks

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Blackjack is one of the popular card games in the casino halls and it is continuing to gather more devoted fans and enthusiasts as the years go by. It is one of the staple games in the casino and many people are drawn to it because it’s fast-paced and dynamic. 

This card game is continuing to evolve as many modern technologies are being discovered. Today, blackjack games are one of the popular games in many online casinos that operate internationally. It has come a long way from its European origins to its establishment in the Old West and eventually became the modern game of what we know of today.

Clearly, blackjack is a fascinating card game but did you know that there are so many interesting facts about the game that are worth reading? Here are some of the cool facts that are associated with blackjack that you can share with your friends.


Blackjack is an old gambling game

Blackjack is one of the oldest games ever existed, it dates back in the 16th century in Europe. It was first mentioned and described in the novel “Don Quixote” by Miguel Cervantes. Back then. It was only known as veintiuna, also known as “21” in English. It was an old version of the game but the basic rules are the same.

It has an advantageous odds

It is a casino game that most advantage gamblers play, these gamblers only gamble when the odds are in favor of them. Blackjack is so perfect to these types of gamblers and also to all gamblers in general because it has an odds that is beneficial to the player.

There are many games in the casino where the players have to rely on odds to beat the house, however, blackjack is the only exception because it has beneficial odds that you can’t enjoy with poker or roulette.

Card counting exists and it really works

If you have watched the American heist drama movie “21” starring Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Spacey, you know what I’m talking about. It is about an MIT mathematical genius that was recruited to a blackjack team by his professor and taught him card counting. They went to Vegas and made profits using card counting and covert signaling.

The movie is based on a book written by a real card counter and his classmates in 1993 and how they used card counting to gain an advantage against the casinos. Many books have been written about how the system works and they served as a “Bible” for blackjack players.

The house edge of blackjack is less than 1%

Compared to other games in the Singapore casino, blackjack has the lowest house edge. It means that when you play blackjack, the casino has a low advantage of making profit with your money. 

Other games in the casino like American roulette and progressive slots have a relatively high house edge. These games are mostly hard to beat and take more of your betting money and have a great chance of you losing all the time. 

Blackjack has a low house edge, you can play blackjack and whether you win or lose, the house doesn’t hurt your chance of winning.

It is a strategy-based game

Compared to many games in the casino where they rely on pure luck such as slot games and roulette, blackjack is based purely on strategy. What this means is that your outcome is not governed by the forces of fate and random chance but by your strategy and knowledge of the situation. 

This is good because your winning depends on your effort of studying the dynamics of the game and how well you manage your bankroll in 12Play casino.

These are just a few of the interesting facts and hacks about blackjack that we compiled. There are so many things about blackjack that we didn’t include that are also interesting but for now enjoy this one.