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A Brief History of Online Gambling

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Since the advent of the internet, many industries have benefited from this commodity to improve their operations. One of these is online casinos, which in the past few years have improved from the brick and mortar setting and made to the screens of most hand-held devices. 

The history of online gambling is in twine with the history of the technology of the internet itself. A huge surge of casino online has made its way from its humble beginnings to its most glorious state now with millions of players from all over the globe in its domain. Truly, the internet has opened its doors for us to gamble conveniently but delving into the past will make us understand the future.

The birth of online gambling

The earliest roots of online casinos are far from what it is right now which is a mega-industry operated by top online platforms. The first online gambling website was founded in the 90s era. In the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda, the state passed a bill called Free Trade and Processing Act, this bill grants companies to apply for licenses to operate in the World Wide Web in 1994.


This move paved the way to the foundation of the earliest online gambling platforms that spawned today as a solid industry. The pioneering company called Microgaming heralded the first online gambling software that rendered these websites to process safe transactions. 

In between the years of 1994 to 1997, the online websites spawned from a couple to 200. Gamblers back then had to rely upon dial-up internet connection services which resulted in multiple crashes due to the surge of bettors who wanted to experience online gambling. Today, we now enjoy the convenience of the internet from top betting sites like 12 Play Singapore which offers a 100% welcome bonus in its Singapore online casino.

The transition from analog to digital

It has been a long time since analog technology was utilized by the trailblazers of the online casino industry. The gaming industry has long been evolving over the years, there are many websites evolved, and some regressed and created a dark streak to the industry, rendering it to be polarizing to many. Even if the online gambling business has a checkered history, its continued growth will surpass many years to come.

Challenges of the industry

The casinos online have their fair share of ups and downs, and sometimes some years created the most inevitable. In 1996, the US Senate passed the law called Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act that prohibits the players to transfer funds to and from any online casino website. 

This law has made a huge impact on the gambling industry in the US and made the operations of gambling websites limited. The number of bettors from the US dwindled as the years passed albeit the decline in the US also opened many opportunities for the gambling industries outside the US to rise.

The future of gambling

Nowadays, many punters around the world enjoy the marvels of online gambling and many of these online casinos are adapting to the new technologies being discovered. The competition is tough in the battle for supremacy of top online betting platforms which they became more and more creative in offering promotions and bonuses to their loyal patrons and newbies alike. 

One of these online platforms is 12play, they offer a huge plethora of games you can put your bet on and rewards that will blow you away. A variety of choices like poker, sports betting, and slots for your entertainment.

Indeed, the future of online gambling is bright, with the advent of new technologies like Augmented Reality and IoT or the Internet of Things, the industry of online gambling will endure. Surely, betting platforms will indisputably remain as a cornucopia of entertainment and luck.