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5 Trends for Online Gambling Industry 2021

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We’ve seen countless transformations of the online gambling scene over the years. Last year, the pandemic surely impacted the way we play, how frequently we gamble, and even what kinds of bets we’re making. Today, we’ll be talking about five of the things that continue to emerge this year.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more common

When you first hear the term bitcoins, it may give you a picture of a futuristic cyber currency like the internet, however, they are not the same. A bit of background is necessary for understanding why the cryptocurrency is becoming so popular in online casinos such as 12Play.

As you may know, there are many different types of currencies out there for online casinos to choose from, but none have really taken off like bitcoins.

The reason behind the popularity of this virtual money system is simple. Unlike conventional online casinos that only care about one thing (i.e. winning), with bitcoins users can do anything they want just to play online.


They do not need to worry about credit cards, chargebacks or dealing with payments, etc. All they need to do to enjoy their online casino experience is to download the latest bitcoin wallet and they can access their virtual money anywhere they want.

Change of consumer habits

The pandemic has greatly affected how people choose to gamble. Obviously, they are forced to do all kinds of betting over the internet as everyone is restricted from even stepping outside of their homes for almost a year.

This has led many loyal brick-and-mortar players to switch to online gambling. More and more people have also been gambling more frequently due to the accessibility and convenience that these online casino websites offer.

You simply have to log in on your device and make a few taps and you are already good to go. It’s swift, handy, and does the job!

More live dealer games

Recent trends show that more and more live dealer games are increasingly becoming in-demand. Last year, even to this day, more and more people have seen the benefits of playing online casino royale games over the internet, either on their desktop computers or on their mobile phones.

For this very reason, it’s clear why there’s an increased demand and market for live dealer games. People who work for these online casinos don’t even need to go outdoors either as they can also do their work from home, just like the players that they would meet.

Live dealer games are sure to stay and will still definitely see an increase this year and beyond. It’s simply convenient, immersive, and fun.

VR casinos are increasingly becoming available

As the technology behind video gambling grows, so do the possibilities for fun, excitement, and interaction with other players. Online virtual reality casino games or VR games have been a favorite with many who enjoy the thrill of gambling in the digital world.

As more people take advantage of this immersive method to enjoy casino Singapore games, more casino games will be available in virtual reality format. The use of computers, high-end graphics cards, network servers, and VR headsets give gamers access to the ultimate in online casino gaming.

By allowing players to transport themselves into an alternate version of their own personal casino, virtual reality allows them to escape to a world where their actions have real meaning. Just like the traditional casino games, this new type of gaming offers a variety of casino games and themed activities.

The rising popularity of Esports

With the increase in the number of people who are taking part in sports betting, the demand for Esports betting is increasing as well. If you want to know why there is a huge demand for this kind of betting, then you need to know what makes it profitable.

The number of people who are engaging in Esports on websites like 12 Play has dramatically increased lately, so the demand for Esports betting is also increasing. Lots of people prefer to bet on these kinds of sports events. The sport is remarkably accessible and can even be witnessed from the comfort of your home.

It’s one of the most profitable sports betting markets today and it’s really not that hard to see why. Some of the most popular Esports leagues are the Overwatch League (OWL), The International (DOTA 2), and the League of Legends World Championship.