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5 Things You Need To Know About Progressive Slots

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Progressive slot games has been a favorite among online casino gamblers due to the fact that they offer a huge jackpot payout and most of the games arouse the attention of the players. In the years passed, progressive slot games have been deemed as the ultimate form of slot games. Ever since the first slot game translated into the online world, it has gained popularity among gamers due to a variety of reasons.

Progressive slots offer jackpot prizes that increase an amount every time someone makes a bet into the machine until someone wins. The jackpot prize will then revert to its original amount and the cycle goes on. The amount that accumulates to the jackpot is really depending on the percentage being taken on the player’s bet.

This iteration of slot games is much more exciting to play, however before you head towards the nearest casino or sign up to play in an online one, there are actually a few things you need to know before you play. Here are the five that a first time progressive slot player needs to understand before playing.


The greatest progressive jackpot prize ever won is $39.7 million

Winning a progressive jackpot is a very surreal feeling and like many gamblers who have actually won can attest this fact. There is nothing more rapturous than being handed over a huge amount of money that you didn’t actually make but in a legal way. 

A man named Jon Heywood from the UK has won a whopping amount that is equivalent to $20,116,950 making him one of the luckiest people who have ever played the game. However, Heywood’s achievement was beaten by an unnamed man who won $39.7 million back in 2015 in Las Vegas, which makes him the luckiest person who has won in the game.

What percentage of your wager go into the prize pool?

Like we have mentioned above, the amount of the jackpot prize depends on the amount the players contributed to the jackpot pool. This is literally the representation of the old adage, “a man’s loss is another man’s gain.” Whether you are losing or winning, you are contributing to the jackpot prize of at least 3.7% to 7.5%. 

With a small wager, you can win the large prize

Contrary to the popular belief that you have to risk a large bet to win the jackpot prize in progressive slots, you really can win the prize with just a minimum bet.

Most gamblers follow the Martingale System in all sorts of gambling games because they think that doubling or tripling the amount of bet can deliver a huge gain. As a matter of fact, doubling your bet can actually cause you more loss than gain.

As a safety precaution, stick to your budget and a little goes a long way in Singapore online betting.

Online casinos provide a huge variety of jackpots

The earlier iterations of online slot games offer single jackpots with a fixed amount of prize money that can be coveted. Nowadays, there is literally a cornucopia of slot games out there that offer multiple jackpots within a game title.

Some have Mega Jackpot, Mini Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, Major Jackpot, Grand Jackpot, to name a few. It’s literally up to the player to decide which one is the most favorable to his gaming.

Some online casinos would not immediately pay out the whole amount

Before I let you go, you should know one last thing: you should choose carefully where you will play your favorite slot game. A lot of people complain that casinos are unfair and they don’t pay their winnings in full, however that is not exactly true.

You have to understand that some online casinos like 12Play have a policy of a minimum amount of payout, meaning even if you win a huge amount, there is only a certain amount that you can cash out in installments. Before you play in a progressive slot game, you should read first the terms and conditions to know if the casino has a policy of whether they pay in full or in installments.