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5 Success Ways Using Inner Bets at Roulette


Roulette is one of the interesting online games in the casino, they can provide a certain luxurious charm that entices casino goers to congregate around the table. It is also a highly lucrative game, if done right and players have followed effective strategies, they can win a reasonable amount of money.

However, for some, the game of roulette could be intimidating, it is probably due to the complex layout laid on the table. Learning the significance of the bet layouts on the table can make a huge difference. 

The outside bets for example can be a safe net for those who want a safe bet that will guarantee a profit albeit small. However, if you want bigger profits, you should consider placing a wager on inner bets and it can be done in multiple ways.

Straight-Up Bets

Straight-up bets are fairly the most simple betting methods in roulette, it involves placing your chip on a single number. Straight-up bets should be placed within the borders around the number or it will be read as a different bet.

If profitable, players will be granted 35 chips while also taking the amount of the initial wager being given in 12Play.


Split Bets

Split bets are one of the combination bets, which involves placing a chip in the border between two parallel numbers on the table. 

If one of the numbers wins on the roulette wheel, the player will receive anything from 17 to 1. What this means is that for every chip stacked on the border, the players will be given 17 extra chips as a prize.

If the player chooses to place more than one chip, players can do a double straight-up bet instead by placing two chips on two adjacent numbers. Either way, the payout will be the same with the split bets.

Street Bets

In this type of combination bet, players need to place bets on any of the rows of three numbers on the betting table. 

To do this appropriately, players have to place a single or a stack of chips on the outside line closer to the first number within a row. If one of the three numbers wins, the payout will be any number between 11 to 1.

What this means is that for every chip placed on the table, the player will receive 11 extra chips plus the amount of his original bet.

Corner Bets

Corner bets are easy to spot on because it only involves placing a bet on any block of four digits on the betting table. For the bet to be successful, players need to place a chip in the intersection of four numbers. 

If it happens that one of the four numbers rendered successful in the roulette wheel, players will be given a prize of chips anything from 8 to 1. It means, for every chip placed, you will receive 8 extra chips.

Line Bets

Line bets are combination bets that are placed on two parallel rows, encompassing six numbers. This combination is also known as “double street bets” because it is similar to street bets but instead of chips being placed on the line, they are placed on the intersections.

If one of the six numbers that are within this combination bet wins on the wheel, the player will be given a payout of five additional chips.


Learning all of these methods of placing a bet on the inner bet layout will guarantee you more chances of winning. Placing your wager on the inner bet is risky but it also bears the highest payout in the game of roulette in casino Singapore. Playing this table game should not be feared, if you do it right, it could give you a lucrative prize.